Twiins D3 Hands-free Bluetooth Communication System

Twiins D3 Hands-free Bluetooth Communication System
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Receive your calls and listen to high quality stereo whilst riding.

Chat with pillion by linking to a Twiins D1 or D2 device.

Very easy to install, fully integrates inside most helmet models.

Answer your calls hands-free using the Voice Answer function. 

Follow GPS instructions from your GPS system.

100% compatible with all Bluetooth cellular, smart phones and all types of intercom devices 

Key Features

  • Twin speakers
  • Ready to connect to Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones.
  • All electronics are integrated into the speaker housings.
  • Intuitive one button control located on the microphone.
  • Red/blue LED indicator system status light located on the microphone.
  • Dual Link functionality: Stay connected to your phone even when connected as an intercom.
  • Follow audio GPS instructions.
  • Connect to Twiins D1 and D2 devices for rider to passenger intercom
  • Rechargeable by USB cable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Hands-free call answering using the Voice Answer

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