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Our Design & Fabrication work stands out above the rest and we take pride in every job we do.

We build bikes that are designed to be ridden, we have no interest in building trailer-queens... no thanks!

We undertake a wide array of custom and bespoke projects.
From a small custom number-plate mount, right through to a full on restoration or ground up custom build; we have the experience and skill to deliver the most challenging of engineering solutions.

 All of our engineers are bikers and we treat every job as if it's for one of our own bikes 



Perhaps you've started that project but don't have the time to finish it. That's where we can help.
We have lots of experience in working with our clients to bring that project to a successful conclusion.

We can undertake completion of the project or simply get it 'up and running' allowing the client to add the finishing touches. 

It's been languishing in the back of the shed far too long. Let us take your unloved project and turn it into something very special...

Café, Brat, Street Scrambler, Chop, Custom, Trike... we've done it all.



The job of building 'something different' is never straight-forward, but we are here to make it as painless as possible.
Often the hardest part of a bespoke project is defining exactly what the client wants us to build. Thankfully we have years of experience in 'teasing' out those thoughts and compiling them into a cohesive design brief.

Once the design brief is complete we can then begin to detail the technical and engineering solutions which gives us a clear vision of how the end product will look and function.

It's not all about chop saws and grinders (although we do love them!) 


 Give us a call and we can make your Custom Build dream a reality! 

  Checkout below for some of our most recent builds and feel free to get in touch to discuss your commission build.


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