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GP500 MCUI 2018 Season Offer

Open to licensed Racers purchasing any of the 2018 range of Airoh’s GP500 - £349.99 for race use.

In the event of a crash or incident at either a short circuit or road race which results in the helmet being unable to be used for future events in the season a new replacement helmet will be provided for £100 (€115) subject to the return of the original helmet to the dealer.

Scheme will run from the 17th of February 2018 to the final event in the race calendar the Hillsborough Sunflower ISB Short Circuit race at Bishopscourt on the 19th & 20th of October 2018.

GP500 MCUI 2018 Season Offer Terms:
GP500 MCUI 2018 Season Offer Terms: AIROH GP 500 is a carbon fibre racing helmet designed for the fastest racers and available with three different shell sizes & in 8 different styles/colours. Every detail was developed through the joint efforts of pilots and technicians in order to obtain a highly performing helmet in all of its characteristics, including;

  • handmade Carbon-Kevlar HPC
  • light weight- certified 50% tinted visor with 100% Max Vision. 
  • built-in visor lock, tear off ready visor
  • integrated Pinlock® lens
  • integrated windstopper,
  • 10 vents
  • Emergency cheek pad release system.
  • breathable, hypoallergenic & removable inner liner.
  • aluminium D-D Ring retention system
  • ECE 22.05& ACU Gold approved

This helmet is an outstanding product in terms of safety, performance and comfort.


  • Only available to race licence holders.
  • Purchasers must provide a copy of their 2018 licence and retain their purchase receipt.
  • Any replacement helmet issued must be the same as the original helmet purchased – subject to availability.
  • Damage must be as a result of participation in an official race event.
  • In the event of a direct replacement not being available we will provide an equivalent model of GP500.  


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Airoh Helmets are the finest Italian helmets on the market.

Manufactured and designed in Italy they are built to exceed the most stringent testing which ensures you get a beautiful and safe helmet to keep your grey matter in its rightful place

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