Rider Training



We are delighted to offer a complete rider training programme via our DOE approved instructors.

We can take you from newbie biker to full test via our tailored training programmes. We also provide refresher courses for those returning to biking after a bit of a layoff.

We can supply you with a motorcycle (50cc, 125cc,  250cc, 600cc), insurance, waterproofs, safety equipment, gloves and helmets if required.

Bike radios are used for constant contact between instructors and student.  


CBT: This is not a test, but an assessment. Before you can ride any 2 wheeled vehicle on the road you must first complete your Compulsary Basic Training.
The days of riding a bike on your car licence are gone!
After completing your CBT with one of our AIM approved instructors, you will be presented with a certificate which is valid for 2 years and this allows you to ride unaccompanied displaying an L plate for a machine up to 125cc/11Kw (depending on your age)

Full Test: There are two ways to get your full 'A' class motorcycle licence

1. Progressive Access: A2 Licence (19 years old) Once you have held an A2 licence for 2 years, you will be entitled to take your 'A' licence.

2. Direct Access: If you are aged 24 or over, you can take your Direct Access. This requires you to take your CBT then pass your Theory test, On Road test and Off Road test.

Our instructors have an exceptionally high pass rate and we can walk you through the various elements of getting your 'bike test'.

Before riding any 2-wheel vehicle on the road you must first complete your CBT

Moped with top speed not exceeding 45Kph
Motorcycle up to 125cc/11Kw (14.5Hp)
Motorcycle up to 35Kw (46.9Hp)





Progressive Access - Unrestricted motorcycle

Direct Access - Unrestricted motorcycle



 Compulsory Basic TrainingBefore you can ride any 2 wheeled vehicle you must complete a CBT cou..


Motorcycle Lesson

Motorcycle Lesson

Motorcycle LessonOnce you have completed your CBT you can begin to take steps towards your full moto..


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