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The BikeCare market is bursting at the seams with magic sprays, polish and all sorts of gizmos to help you maintain that perfect bike, however can I tell you a secret... there is no secret...

Keeping your bike clean requires a bit of elbow grease and a little work from the outset will pay dividends towards keeping your bike in good condition. 

As a very minimum, if you are riding in the winter, you need to at least rinse the road-salt from the wheels, and brakes with water regularly otherwise you will have seized brake pistons and rampant corrosion in a matter of weeks, but this is just the minimum.

With the myriad of products on the market today, it can be very confusing. Not all products work the same, and not all products are compatible, so it’s important that you take the time to understand what the products are and how they work and on which parts of the bike you can use them.

Caution with Caustic

In its raw form, caustic is a highly corrosive and toxic substance that will burn straight through your skin in a matter of seconds. Caustic in a highly diluted format is a widely used ingredient in many cleaning products including some bike products, however a word of warning. Even in a highly diluted state, caustic is still corrosive and has been known to damage the very fragile bright-work and water-based paint used on modern motorcycles. Caustic based products can leave a chalky residue which if left, it may damage the components of your bike. If you must use a caustic based product, rinse it thoroughly... rinse it again... then one more for luck


Unless you know your bike very well we would never advise using a power washer to clean it. Power washers push out water vapour at a huge pressure. This vapour is so small that it easily works its way into electrical connections and components and accelerates the corrosion process. Blasting water vapour at your bike also can drive out grease and we have seen many times that steering head bearings have collapsed as the grease needed to lubricate them gets blasted out by a power washer.You really need to know your bike very well, which parts are susceptible to pressure and vapour damage, before using a power washer near it. If at all unsure... don’t use the power washer.

Sponge and brush

A much better alternative to pressure washing your bike is to get a sponge, a rough brush and some warm soapy water. Get down on your knees and work the dirt loose with the brush, working into the nooks and crevices. This also allows you to visually inspect your bike up close and potentially spot any issues before they become a problem.

Brakes & Wheels

We always take extra special care when cleaning wheels and brakes. We would not recommend using any cleaning solutions on brake callipers or brake disks. After cleaning, always make sure you allow time for the brakes, disks and pads to properly dry out. Wheel bearings can easily become damaged through the use of a powerwasher, so always exercise caution when cleaning wheels.

Cleaning Process 

Our cleaning products have been designed to work specifically with motorcycles and they are ideal for offering all levels of detailing and finish from a basic wash, right through to Gold Level finish and protection.

Basic Wash: Spray on and rinse off

Bronze Package: 3 week protection

Silver Package: 3 month protection

Gold Package: 6 month protection 


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