3 Month Protection for your bike 

Silver level detailing will provide up to 3 months protection for your bike by ensuring the paintwork and brightwork is properly cleaned and sealed.

We achieve this through the use of MB14 Precision Polish & MB14 Sealant to achieve extra protection and a deep finish.

MB14 Precision Polish is a non-silicon based polish, which is critical in terms of bike cleaning.

Silicon based polish will often leave behind a chalky residue and if left too long before buffing, it can be difficult to remove.

However the biggest problem with silicon based polish is highly conductive of static, and acts like a magnet for dust and small airborne particles of dirt...which kind of defeats the purpose in cleaning the bike!

The MB14 Precision Polish is applied after using the Road Bike Cleaner.

The polish is designed to bind to, and build on, the thin barrier which remains after using Road Bike Cleaner.

MB14 Precision Polish is easy to apply and can be used on all surfaces including glass, rubber, leather, metal and plastic. It will not leave a residue behind and requires significantly less effort to polish to a high gloss than its silicone based counterparts.

Now you have gone to the effort of cleaning and adding a protective layer of polish to your pride and joy, next you need to seal the surface.

To do this we use MB14 Sealant. This really is a fantastic product that can be used on all surfaces including visors to ensure water and dirt just bead away.

This is a nano-polymer based sealant and works by filling in the small imperfections on any surface to add a thick protective layer. Not only does this offer a deep shine and really bring the paintwork to life, but crucially it provides a very flat layer and makes it very difficult for the dirt to stick, hence offering a much longer level of protection.

1L MudBuster Road Bike Cleaner

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500ml MB14 Precision Polish

500ml MB14 Precision Polish

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500ml MB14 Sealant

500ml MB14 Sealant

MB14 Sealant really is a fantastic product that can be used on all surfaces including visors to ensu..


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