400ml Silkopen

400ml Silkopen
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400ml Silkopen penetrating spray

SILKOPEN AEROSOL is a graphited penetrating spray. It produces a jet spray of penetrating fluid for effective, quick release of seized and corroded metal parts. Suitable for use on fasteners, studs, valves, couplings etc.

It is intended primarily as a dismantling aid to help free off seized or corroded components. SILKOPEN AEROSOL contains powerful solvents and dewatering aids to enable the fluid to “creep” into the most confined spaces.

Directions for Use

  • Shake the can thoroughly before use.
  • Hold in an upright position, spraying directly onto the component surface from a distance of 8-12 inches.
  • The highly directional button ensures accurate positioning of the lubricant.
  • Always ensure any guarding is in place when treating moving equipment.
  • Re-apply as required

Please note that we cannot ship ANY aerosols to international destinations.

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