4L Comp4 10w40

4L Comp4 10w40
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4L Silkolene COMP 4 10W-40 ENGINE OIL.


The widely recommended SAE 10W-40 viscosity range ensures reliable winter and summer use with easy starting and rapid warm up, while providing vital anti-wear protection during the cold startphase.

Electrosyntec Technology - Synthetic ester based 4-stroke engine oils for all high performancemotorcycles. Electrosyntec uses electrostatic forces to bond low friction molecules to stressedmetal surfaces, releasing hidden power and ensuring long term performance retention. Theexceptional stay-in-grade formulation protects engines and transmissions. Ester syntheticscombat wear and friction on all critical load surfaces at high temperatures and during coldstarts. API SG, SH & SJ, JASO MA.

- Oil for commuter and long distance tourers
- Protects engines and transmissions
- Releasing hidden power
- Ensuring long term performance retention

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