1L Comp2 premix & injection oil

1L Comp2 premix & injection oil
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Silkolene Comp 2 Semi Synthetic Ester Based 2T 2 Stroke oil

Silkolene Comp 2 is the ideal lubricant for all modern sports and off-road 2-stroke power units. Comp 2 meets the latest JASO FC / FD performance requirements, which include a stringent low-smoke test and give best ever performance in prevention of ring stick and deposit formation and exceeds JASO engine
test parameters, ensuring maximum performance and reliability together with minimum wear rates.

COMP 2 is equally suited to oil injected and to pre mix systems. The viscosity characteristics of COMP 2 are optimised to ensure total reliability in both types of system in all conditions. It may be used with confidence even in extremes of hot or cold weather.For tank mix ratios, see engine manufacturers’ recommendations
Please note this oil is sutable for both off road and on road motorbikes

Latest Electrosyntec Technology - synthetic ester based 2 stroke oils for all high performance motorcycles

Suitable for pre-mix and injector

Silkolene Comp 2 is also known as Silkolene Comp 2, Comp 2T, Silkolene 2 stroke oil

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